Am I Addicted to Television?


Christians should avoid all addictions, anything that has a controlling influence in our lives. Rather we are to be “filled with the Holy Spirit” (Eph. 5:18). When it comes to addictions, oftentimes we think of tobacco or alcohol or narcotics (those are obvious!), but maybe we need to add all forms of media to the list as well: social media, the Internet, video games, movies and in particular, the television.

So ask yourself the question: “Am I Addicted to Television?” With the aid of this list below, allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart!

1. You call someone to videotape TV shows that are on the same time as the ones you are watching and presently videotaping yourself.
2. You watch a program with the anticipation of seeing a sinful act.
3. You enjoy the sinful scenes on the show.
4. You eat your dinner in front of the TV.
5. You neglect your spouse or family for a TV show.
6. You look forward to a TV show more than you look forward to next week’s church service?
7. You miss Wednesday evening prayer meeting for TV.
8. You begin to role play the parts you see on TV on a serious basis.
9. Your conversation is replete with TV reviews and anecdotes.
10. TV replaces your Bible reading or devotion time.
11. Family Worship has been replaced by a TV program.
12. You know more about TV than Scripture.
13. No one is allowed to speak while the TV is on.
14. You begin to start empathizing with the characters the actors are portraying.
15. You rush home so you will not miss a program.
16. You watch TV late into the night consistently.
17. When company visits, the TV remains on.
18. You disturb others on the job by discussing a TV show.
19. You yell at the TV when a certain scene unfolds.
20. You become angry when “there ain’t nothing good on TV tonight.”
21. You let TV do your thinking for you.
22. The only book you read is TV guide.
23. You turn the TV on the moment you enter a room.
24. The TV is on when you are doing your chores.
25. You do not want people to visit when your programs are scheduled to come on.
26. When people visit, you wish they would leave so you could watch your programs.
27. You laugh at the very sin which sent Christ to the cross.
28. You have every premium cable channel like HBO, Cinemax, etc.
29. You constantly flip channels with your remote control.
30. You begin to adopt ideas and attitudes contrary to Scripture.
31. You find more pleasure watching TV than being with God’s people.
32. You go nowhere but have become a couch potato.

Source: Ken Matto, “The Dangers of Television,” Used by Permission.

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