Daughter’s Letter to the President


By request, here’s the letter my daughter wrote to the President that I read from the pulpit last Sunday.

Dear President Obama,                                                                

I am hoping right now that you are reading this letter personally, because what I’m about to tell you is vitally important. I am sure that you may have heard this life saving news before, but I feel led to tell you again.

There is a God; a wonderful, powerful King of the Universe. He’s there. He is in fact, with you right now. He is everywhere. He made you. He made me. He made everyone. He’s perfect. Look at your wife and girls and tell me they were created by chance. It’s just not logical.

Everyone is a sinner. You don’t believe me? Have you ever lied to some one? Have you ever stolen something? Have you have looked upon someone with lust, or hated someone in your heart? We are all guilty of breaking at least one of God’s standards multiple times a day.  Since we are sinners and unclean in the sight of a holy God, we deserve hell; the place of eternal suffering. This is not a punishment. It is simply what we deserve.

Here is the good news: God loves us. He sent his son, Jesus, to be in our place and to take the sins of those who believe in Him on His shoulders. He lived a perfect life on earth and then, though He had done nothing wrong, was nailed to the cross with a crown of thorns.

On the third day, however, Jesus rose again. He beat death. He is alive now, sitting on the right side of His Father’s throne in heaven. Jesus gave us the free gift of grace. All we have to do is believe. That’s it. Jesus paid it all so we don’t have to. He canceled the debt of sin so that someday, if we believe, we can spend eternity praising God with the angels in heaven.

Please consider this message. It says in the Bible that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. For many it will be too late. Will you today, Mr. President?

I’m praying for you.

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